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Shehitah Course: Ofoth & Behemoth

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Become a certified shohet in one season

This course will allow you to learn the laws of shehitah according to the Talmudic tradition. The laws will be learnt from the Mishneh Torah. Additional texts such as the Simlah Hadashah and the Shulhan ‘Arukh will be used for practical purposes and comparative study. The class will be held online, while the examinations needs to be completed in person.

This course is curently in English and Spanish.



 This is a 1:1 Online class with instructor
Examination in person
Student must provide two references in order to receive certification
Payments can be made via Paypal (Worldwide) or Zelle (USA)
** NOT INCLUDED: Costs for tools, animals, logistics of the place of examination or other related costs.
Esto es una clase en línea 1:1 con el instructor
Examen en persona
Estudiante debe proveer dos referencias para recibir la certificación
El pago se hace via Paypal (Global) o Zelle (Estados Unidos de América)
** NO INCLUYE: Costo de herramientas, animales, logística del lugar del examen u otros costos relacionados. 
Send payment via Zelle in the USA to / Enviar pago via Zelle (USA) a:

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