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Hebrew Bible Decoded: A Maimonidean Anthropological Approach

In 5 Modules, you’ll gain an understanding of how Moses Maimonides ¬†approached the text of the Hebrew Bible.¬†


5 Sephardic Approaches to The Hebrew Bible (60 min class)

Explore Moses Maimonides, David Kamhi, Abraham Eben Ezra, Don Isaac Abarbanel & David Nieto’s approaches to study and interpret the Hebrew Bible by taking into account anthropology, linguistics, numerology, jurisprudence and other aspects.


Shehitah Course: Ofoth & Behemoth

Learn the laws of Shehitah, terefoth, bediqath sakin to become a certified shohet.


The Eben Falaquera Rabbinical school

Comprehensive Sephardic rabbinic training, focusing on the anthropological and linguistic analysis of the Tanakh, Hebrew philology, Sephardic history and all areas of Jewish law and practical rabbinics, to prepare students for leadership roles in the Jewish community.

Starting at $1,500.00

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